diet breakfast

By employing years of study in diet, nutrition, and supplementation (with vitamins, minerals, Western herbs, teas, and tonics), I’ve found a nice, complementary addition to the practice of this beautiful medicine. We live in a culture that is fast paced, full of stressors, and short on time. A lot of us have traded sustenance for speed, nutrition for a lack thereof, and, consequently, food becomes something possibly injurious, and not as life-sustaining. By integrating my hands-on knowledge of both Eastern and Western nutrition, I feel like it’s another nice tool to have in the toolbox, and have witnessed patients come away feeling lighter, more energetic, and more balanced, with just a few diet modifications. No two people are exactly alike, so I┬átry to employ a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to be able to recommend some shifts in eating habits that can be easy, tasty, and very effective. This, paired with some adjustments in movement, breathing, and exercise routines, can be a very powerful method of restoring balance and harmony within the body.